Our History


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John-Lewis Brown (1769-1851) acquired the estate in the early 19th century and decided to build in the village of Cantenac, a Tudor style chateau reminiscent of his Scottish origins.
The building is one of the most unusual in Médoc region and is surrounded by a remarkable English-style ground.

The quality of the wine was acknowledged in the 1855 classification, when Chateau Cantenac Brown was included into the growths.

The Bordeaux winemerchant and owner of several estates in Médoc, Louis Armande Lalande (1820-1894), extended the building, keeping the same architecture.

End of 2019, the Le Lous family takes the helm of this gem from Margaux appellation

…and pursues the excellent job done by its predecessor.
José Sanfins still leads this new project and adds value to this magnificent terroir, with great respect for the soil, the vine and its environment. Carried by new investments, this ambition takes place in each step of the winemaking process, making years after years, one of the best Margaux wines.